VIDEO: JENING, Hacky, and Blue Fenrir Wolf Debut New Songs!

JENING is happy to share with all his friends videos from his JENING Friend concert from Friday night! The concert featured JENING’s very good friends Hacky and Blue Fenrir Wolf who sang songs to the tune of Livin La Vida Loca and Still Alive! JENING also shared a modest new JENINGsong, Thrilling, to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

JENING invites his friends who have not yet sent JENING their videos to do so soon!

Full Concert Montage – edited and posted by BB-RealLifePudding

Blue Fenrir Wolf’s Still A Spy – upload by Hacky

JENING’s Thrilling – upload by Hacky


31 Responses to VIDEO: JENING, Hacky, and Blue Fenrir Wolf Debut New Songs!

  1. Panthermans says:

    still so sad i missed it..

    *cries in corner*

  2. Panthermans says:

    new jeningsong is fucking awesome.
    Hail to the king baby

  3. Dr. Trilby says:

    Nice songs….I’m sorry I missed it

  4. ladams00 says:

    That was fun guys. I too missed it πŸ˜€

  5. SATAn says:

    I got too drunk last night, I wish that I would have been at home at this concert instead 😦

  6. Vazzaroth says:

    excellent! sorry I couldn’t make it, but the videos looked very fun! Great new song jening, and very good songs from the jening fans as well!

    Now i just have to listen to thriller for the first time in my life to understand the tune…

  7. Martin (Aka Secret Squirrel) says:

    Ah Jening, Livin’ La Vida Loca needed the music!

  8. CrabGuy says:

    Love the new Jeningsong, keep up the good work

  9. sackofballs says:

    I came I saw, and I heard and I came

  10. Aldershot says:

    excellent vids guys, best i’ve seen here yet.

  11. Blue Fenrir Wolf says:

    I loved Living La Vida Loca before. This just makes it even better. =)

  12. Anonymous says:


    I missed it 😦 I wish I had seen such an epic concert live. Great performances from all! (even though Jening seems to short out a bit at the beginning of Thrilling)

    If only Jening could moonwalk.

  13. Leeroy[ESG] says:

    Haha, the spy that killed Jening at the end was me(:

    I was trying to recreate the spy video.
    I said, right behind you as i un cloaked, and killed him (:
    Sorry jening i had to do it. It was epic you have to admit it(:

  14. Wudz says:

    I was hoping you would do a Michael Jackson song. Awesome.

  15. MaZ0Hy$T says:

    Awesome concert Jening! Too bad I missed the darn thing 😦

  16. Soviet Nuke says:

    Great concert! The songs were made and sounded great in my opinion. I only regret not being there in person. Great work to Hacky and Wolf! Keep em coming guys. The Jening Thriller was good. I admit its not the best Jening song so far but certainly not the worst. Thanks to those who recorded and edited the vids for all to see.

  17. zaraithe says:


  18. -[RDU]- Ghost`25 says:

    Aww, missed it! Hope I can come to the next, it was really good! I especially liked Hacky’s

  19. Analog_Boy says:

    Excellent, your voice has improved greatly! (not that it wasn’t great before :D)

  20. Anonymous says:

    I liked it.

  21. RennZero says:

    Thrilling was awesome. Now you need some musical accompaniment!

  22. RadHazG says:

    Nice on the Still a Spy! that one was just begging to be made.

  23. JENING! I love the sounds that come out of your mouth!

    (comment 1)

  24. How many JENING’s does it take to make a Laggy happy… NONE! Just the thought that you exist will make me happy hahaha!

    (Comment 2)

  25. Thanks for visiting PHLORPH! this night and thanks for saying “OWW” and “JENINGnet” about a dozen times and thanks for talking fast and having the vocal skills that I don’t have when I am drunk (like I am now!

  26. I can’t think of anything else to type about you you are indescribable, though I described how awesome you where the last 3 things,

    also comment 4 forgot to put the on that last one!

  27. I have reached the point of spam… Sorry, honorable mention please!

  28. […] [VIDEO] See videos and hear more songs from JENING’s latest party! […]

  29. Ulyk_Butsekz says:

    πŸ˜€ keep singing Jening!


  30. Hero of War says:

    Loved Thrilling, nice one Jening.

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